The American Fitbaw Cast E03 – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Draft Them.

Two time reigning Fantasy champ Gav hosts this week as we talk the Cooks trade, Odell Beckham, returning QB’s of years gone by and an intro to NFL Fantasy Football.


The American Fitbaw Cast E01 – As Elite As Tyrod Taylor

Hot on the heels of Episode 02, Steve and Andrew introduce us to Gav and bring us Episode 1 of the American Fitbaw cast. Join in and let us know what you think.

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Transformers 5 – More footage and a final, final trailer…?

Megan Fox has never looked hotter 😉

The Buff Geek Podcast

Hello all,

Last weekend I posted the final trailer for Transformers : The Last Knight but then someone went and decided to release another trailer a few days after that… so I guess it is the final, final trailer?

Anyways, struggled to find a copy of this unless it had foreign subtitles on it so below is a mashup of 3 TV spots then the last trailer immediately afterwards. The 3 TV spots are all 30 seconds each so the final trailer starts at the 1 min 30 second mark.

Now, as I have previously stated, the marketing of this has puzzled me somewhat – however if they had just released the first trailer and then this one, I would have been quite happy.. although the film is still likely to be daft, this trailer was the type of trailer that I had expected to be released for the film.

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